Family Style…

Scenes from Last Night:

Me: Hi, how are you? May I bring you something to drink?

Customer: We brought our own fish (why can’t people answer this question? Is it really that hard?)

Me: Okay great. Can I start you with something to drink and then we’ll get to the food?

C: Well, we brought in our fish…(okay, I see how this is going to go)

Me: Okay, so you brought in your own fish. Well, we do that family style and you can have it cooked up any way that we cook our regular fish.

C: Does everyone get to decide on their own plate?

Me: Yes and no. We don’t plate the fish individually, it’s served Family Style, but you can have it cooked multiple ways.

C: Well, what if we don’t want it all cooked the same way? (oh my heavens…don’t roll your eyes, you got caught last time)

Me: That’s why you can have it cooked 5 different ways, but it isn’t plated individually, it’s served FAMILY STYLE, along with the sides that you choose.

Fast Forward 5 minutes, where we actually order the fish and the sides and I am about to leave the table.

C: Wait, don’t we get to order sides. (holy crap, this has to be the dumbest human being, EVER)

Me: Sir, we just did.

C: No, we didn’t… (brain vessels exploding)

Me: Yes sir, you just ordered the Veggies, Beans & Rice, and Fries. Did you want anything else?

C: Yes, to order the sides.

After taking a deep breath, I read back the entire order again, including the different ways we’re cooking the fish and the sides that were decided upon…by him!

Me: Would you like something else?

C: I just don’t understand what is going on. This isn’t how they do it at the place down the street (O…..M…..G…..!!!!)

Me: Well, fortunately for you, you’re here and you’re in good hands. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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