6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Scenes from last night: (College reunion edition)

Reunions are always an experience.

Catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, drawing a complete blank on others; it’s always interesting.

Add in the fact that there are other class years having their reunions as well, and it’s like, let the shenanigans begin.

This past weekend was no different, except mine had a bit of an unexpected twist.

I didn’t sign up for a lot of functions during the weekend; just the harbor cruise, which was a two hour booze cruise around the Boston Harbor.

As I was waiting for my friends to arrive, I see this guy get on the boat, and I instantly recognize him, but I see that he graduated five years after me, so there’s no chance I knew him at school.

My friends show up, and I forget about the guy.

Four hours later, I see him again at the dinner/cocktail party put on the school, and before I get a chance to chat with him, we leave to go to another bar.

Three hours later, he walks into the bar with some of my friends. This time I will not be denied!

As he’s walking towards the bathroom, I stop him and the following occurred:

Me: Hi, and please don’t think I’m crazy, but I think I know you.

Guy: (Looking at me like I’m crazy) Hmmm, I don’t know…

Me: What’s your name?

Guy: Matt. (Shaking my head)

Me: Where do you live?

Matt: The City (He says it in that way that only people who live in NYC can say)

Me: Nope…Did you ever spend any time in Florida?

Matt: Yes, my sister lives in Florida. (Now we’re getting somewhere )

Me: Where?

Matt mentions the city I live in.

Me: Bingo!

Matt looks a little confused, so I ask him if he’s ever been to the restaurant where I work.

Matt: Seriously? It’s my favorite! I make sure we go there every time I visit my sister.

Me: That’s it! I’ve waited on you before.

I think I scared him a little, but it’s really hard for me sometimes. I wouldn’t say I have a photographic memory, but when it comes to faces, it’s pretty darn close. Names…eh, not so much.

And being in the service business, it can be really hard, especially when fifteen hundred miles away from home!


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