What can I get you?

Scenes from last night:

Every once in a while, I get to go out.

This time, I took a whole weekend off to go to my college reunion.

I walk up to the bar and order a rum and diet. Done it a hundred times in my life.

A few minutes later, the bartender drops the drink off and walks away.

Being that I was in the middle of a conversation with an old friend, it took me a few minutes before I took a sip of my drink.

When I did, I nearly gagged.

Me: (Trying to flag down the bartender) Hi, excuse me? What is this?

Bartender: What did you order?

Me: Well, I ordered a rum and diet.

Bartender: Okay…

Me: This isn’t a rum and diet.

Bartender: Well, it’s a Captain and Coke.

Who the hell thinks it’s okay to just make a completely different drink and pass it off, as if the customer wouldn’t notice?

Me: Okay, so…

Bartender: Well, we don’t have any white rum upstairs, I’d have to go get some downstairs.

Me: Okay…

We’re now just having some kind of weird staring contest, because I’m confused about her lack of ability to go get the rum for the drink I ordered, and she apparently doesn’t want to go get the rum for the drink I ordered.

Fortunately, another bartender came along and asked if there was a problem. I explained the situation to her, and like a true professional she is, took control of the problem.

B#2: The Bacardi is downstairs but I have this other brand, if you’d like.

Me: That would be great, thank you!

Don’t even get me started on the time I tried to order a SoCo and Lime…


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