It’s good to have dreams…

Scenes from last night:

Halfway through the night on Friday, our hostess brought over these two 50/60 year old men from our waiting bar.

When I went over to say hi, I noticed they already had some wine, so we just went ahead and got down to ordering their food.

After they appetizers came out, I noticed they were low on wine, and asked if they would like another glass. The one man said, and I took a half step away before remembering that they come over with the wine and I didn’t know what they were drinking.

As I turned back, they guy said, “hey, you don’t know what we’re drinking!”

Me: I know, I was just going to ask you that.

Guy: I don’t know either. I just asked the girl next door for something oaky.

I normally, just go with the my gut, but I had a few minutes, so I ran through the kitchen to ask the bartender next door.

Me: Hey, I have these two guys….

Sally: Nickel & Nickel

Me: What? How do you know it’s them?

Sally: Well, when I asked them what they wanted, the one guy said two 5’9” blondes. Kind of hard to forget.

Me: Oh my god, did they really!

So I go back and brink them their white wine, and say, “these are the only blondes, I can get for you tonight.”

The men started laughing.

As they were leaving, the man put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a side huddle, where he said, “I’m still waiting for my 5’9” blondes!”

To which I said, “as soon as you find me a 6’2” hunk of a ginger!”

He burst out laughing and pointed to his friend, as if he were an option, when I said, “oh please, he’s not a hair over 5’10”!”

“Fair enough,” he said. “Thanks for a fun night.”

“You’re welcome. Hope to see you soon.”


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