I remember you!

Scenes from last night:

We have a lot of different types of regulars. We have the ones that are regulars during “the season” (November through May), we have our locals, who only come out from May through October, and then we have the regulars that have a place here, but have no set pattern of when they’re in town.

On Tuesday night, there was this couple I recognized, but honestly I couldn’t remember their names; not sure if I even knew them to begin with. They were sitting at the back bar, near where we keep the iced tea machine and where all of the waitstaff keep their drinks during service. I’ve always said it’s the best spot to sit, because you always hear the chatter amongst the staff, because it’s a gathering spot of sorts.

So I’m taking a moment to grab a drink of my club soda out of my Tervis, and this man looks at me and says, “I will never forget you!” Which makes me almost choke on my drink.

Me: Oh yeah?

Guy: We always come here whenever we’re in town, and I remember you made me laugh so hard I was crying a few years back.

Me:Thank you? (I’m thinking this can go so many different ways) What did I do?

Guy: Well, we were sat right here, and you had this horrible table with an out of control kid and an obnoxious mother, and your running commentary on the situation was hysterical. I laugh even just thinking about that night. Funniest night I’ve ever had in a restaurant.

Me: Awe, thank you. That actually means a lot to me. Sorry I don’t have anything for you tonight. Bunch of duds out there.

Guy: It’s all good, just wanted to let you know that we remembered you.

Me: Thank you!

I wish I could say that I remember the night he was talking about, but I don’t. But at the end of the day I made him laugh, which is my favorite thing to do in life, so I guess I did my job well.


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