The Peck Show

Scenes from last night:

I have a busboy, who, shall we say, is in very good shape.

Without making him sound as solid as a statue, he’s approximately 6”2’, about 165 lbs, wears a 38 long jacket, and has a 32 inch waist. And he works out. Like everyday, kind of works out. I’ve even heard that he posts his workouts on YouTube, but I’ve never checked that out myself.

To top things off, he wears a size small work shirt. It’s tight. Very tight. His pecks, bi’s, and tri’s are on full display. It’s kind of his thing.

One night, he was dropping food off for a customer at the bar, when the lady made a comment about the biker-style cross that he wears around his neck, that falls right in the middle of his pecks.

Lady: Hey, I really like your cross.

BB: Thank you

As he starts talking with the lady about where he bought it, I notice that he’s flexing his pecks, up and down, and I just burst out laughing, catching the eye of another customer, who is also watching the ‘peck show’.

She yells out, “busted!”

I just shake my head and say, “you didn’t know that you were going out for dinner and a show!”


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