Red Solo Cup

Scenes from last night: (Red Solo Cup Edition)

A few years back, I went back to Boston for my college reunion weekend.

The best part of the weekend, is the deck party hosted by some friends that still live in the city. As the sun goes down, we normally head back to our college hangout.

Normally we take a cab, but the last time I was there, one of my friends, who lives in the area, drove us over to the bar.

As we were leaving the party, I asked him if it was okay to take a ‘roadie’ with me, since I had just made a fresh cocktail before the decision was made to leave for the bar. He was fine with me and my ‘roadie’, and along with a few other people, we headed off to the bar.

Well, we got lost. Saw parts of Boston I’ve never seen before. Never been so scared and never laughed so hard. By the time we made it to the bar, we were about 30 minutes behind everyone and my Solo cup was 97% empty.

Being that I didn’t want to leave the cup in his car, or leave it on the street, I saw garbage can outside of the bar, right next to the bouncer. I went up, tossed the cup and went back to my friends, not even thinking anything was wrong.

As I was walking into the bar, I felt this tap on my shoulder. I turned around expecting to see one of my friends, but instead I saw an angry bouncer, who was telling me he was kicking me out of the bar.

Me: For what?

Bouncer: For trying to bring alcohol into the bar.

Me: I wasn’t. I was throwing an empty cup away.

Bouncer: Don’t argue with me. You’re out.

Me: Excuse me? I’m confused. I really don’t understand.

Bouncer: Don’t argue with me.

So now my friends are starting to notice, and I’m just in shock that I’m getting tossed from a bar for not being a litterbug!

So I just walk outside and ask to speak to his manager. About five minutes later, his ‘Manager’ comes outside, and is even ruder than the bouncer. Dumber and dumber were doing their level best to live up to the ‘Masshole’ name.

I tried really hard to reason with the manager guy. Saying that I flew up from Florida for the weekend, that all of my friends were inside, that I was seriously just throwing a cup away in the garbage, but the guy wouldn’t budge.

So all these years later, when customers come into the restaurant with their Solo cups, or fancy logo’d boat cup, and let me tell you, that happens every night, yes, every friggin night, I still get a little twitchy.


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