Rainy Days and Sundays….

Scenes from last night:

Last night was very slow. It was raining cats and dogs, so I can’t really blame people for not wanting to leave their house to go out for dinner. But as it always seems to go, slow nights equals strange nights.

We had closed down the back half of the restaurant, finished the paperwork, and two of my coworkers had actually left, when two women walked into the restaurant. They were in their late 20’s or maybe early 30’s and the one lady was causing a scene from the moment they walked in the door. The one lady was obviously drunk, and her friend was just trying to settle her down and probably hoping to get some food in her.

I wasn’t there when a decision was made to not serve the party any alcohol, but I was there when I heard her howl at the top of her lungs from fifty feet away. I felt very badly for my coworker who was having to deal with the table, so I was just keeping my eye on things as I was packing up my stuff to head home.

As she was telling them that she wasn’t going to serve them any alcohol, the drunk girl started getting angry and asking for a manager.

So Sally went and got our ‘manager’, who isn’t really a manager, but he’s just a big guy, and can get people to chill out, just by his size alone. He went over to the table, and at first had the drunk one laughing and I thought, okay, this is going to work out well. But then I heard him stand straight up, and very loudly say, “Okay, time for you to leave. Get up, let’s go.”

After a bit of a back and forth, things we heating up, so I decided it would be a great idea to go over and help. Using my best calming voice, I said, “Hey, can I help you?”

Drunk Girl: “He’s being rude!”

Me: “Well, seems like you’ve had a really fun day, and may have a little to much to drink along the way, and it probably be a good idea if you went home.

“DG: Can I drink my water?

Me: Sure

Big Guy: No

I reach over and hand her the glass of water. At the same time realize that the glass of water was about to be tossed in Big Guy’s face, so I said, “You better take a step back!”

BG: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.Now during this whole time, the sober friend, who is visiting from Kentucky, was trying to call for an Uber, but didn’t know the address of the Drunk Girl, kept interrupting our conversation trying to obtain that information and Drunk Girl kept stopping her drunken ramblings to lean over and give it to her friend.

It was a circus!

Finally Big Guy walks away, and I’m there trying to deal with the two girls by myself. It was going well, until Drunk Girl started to spill her water, and I went to grab/stabilize the glass. She angrily grabbed my wrist and I politely asked her to release her grab, as I moved my arm back. When I did that, she dug in and tightened her grip.

And that’s when I lost my patience.

Me: Okay, time to go!

DG: What?

Me: You do not have the right to touch me. Out. Right now.

DG: Let me finish my drink.

Me: No

DG: I’m going to give you a bad review on Trip Advisor!

Me: Okay

I felt bad, because her friend was in tears and yelling at her friend for ruining her trip. As I got her outside, I literally locked the door behind her for a couple of minutes, so she wouldn’t try to come back inside.

After a few minutes later, the kitchen buzzed the original waitress to let her know that their food was ready. We made a group decision to give the nice, sober girl her food, but not the other girl. So Big Guy boxed it up, and I took it outside.

The nice girl was out there by herself, in the pouring rain.

Me: Here’s your dinner.

NG: I don’t have any money.

Me: Don’t worry about it. It’s on the house. Sorry for…everything.

NG: I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe she behaved like that.

Me: (Looking around) Speaking of, where is she?

NG: I don’t know. She just took off! Me: Well, good luck. Did you call for your Uber?

NG: Yes.

Me: Good.

A few minutes later, her Uber car pulled into the parking lot, she got in, and left her friend behind.

Which all-in-all, is probably the best decision she could have made.


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