Tommy who?

Scenes from last night:
Okay, let’s just make things perfectly clear… I’m a bit of a goof. I’m like that crazy aunt we all remember who likes to sing 80’s music in the grocery store and dance about just to embarrass my ‘too cool for school’ nieces and nephews.
Well, I’m not just like that crazy aunt; I am that crazy aunt. I’ve been hearing “oh Suzoo!” since my oldest niece, who is now 16, was four or five years old. But it’s not just in the crazy aunt area of my life; I’m that way a large majority of the time.
I’m silly and goofy and I like to make my friends and family laugh. It’s what I do best. And for some reason, music, especially pop music from the 70’s and 80’s, brings out the best (worst?) in me.
At work, we have to wear these beepers that buzz to let us know when the food is ready in the window. So every night we go through the beeper ritual, of people asking what numbers we have, so they can put our names on the beeper panel.
When asked what my number was, I responded, “867-5309.” All of my “like-aged” co-workers started to laugh, but when I turned around and looked at my high school aged busboys, it was just crickets. Nothing. Actually, maybe a little confusion fluttered across their faces.
I just walked away muttering to myself, something about when the hell did I get so old, that people don’t know one of the most famous/infamous songs of all times?

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