Hail, Caesar!

Scenes from last night: (Canadian Edition)
After talking with a table of two about our menu, a husband and wife in their 60’s, I figured out fairly quickly that they are in town on vacation from Canada. As I was getting ready to walk away after taking their order, the man stopped me and the following happened:
Man: Oh, do you have a Caesar salad?
Me: Yes. Would you like me to add one to your order?
Man: Do you put carrots in your Caesar?
Me: (Seriously confused) Who puts carrots in a Caesar salad?
Man: Oh, you’d be surprised.
Me: (Responding in what my sister calls my ‘Snarky Canadian’ voice) Oh, you’re right! I’d actually be very surprised if I ordered a Caesar and it showed up at the table with carrots on it.
So if  there are any Canadians out there that could let me know where you can order a Caesar salad with carrots on it, it would clear a few things up for me 😉

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