I’ll have a little cheese with that sharp tongue!

Scenes from last night:

One of my co-workers has been having some dental issues recently. So much so, that he had to have a tooth pulled, and is waiting for an implant.

Somehow, after he had the tooth pulled, he got a bone spur in his mouth that was sticking out of his gum on the upper side of his jaw. He was in severe pain and was even having trouble trying to eat.

And as we all know, when we have something stuck in our teeth, our tongue keeps sweeping over the area, until the situation is resolved. So on top of having the bone spur, his tongue also got really irritated. Raw and painful.

He had an appointment to have the spur checked out or removed for Friday, but when we asked him about it when he arrived at work, he said, after he packed his mouth with gauze overnight, it was gone in the morning. He didn’t know what happened or how, that it was just gone.

Steve: Well, at least now, my tongue is starting to heal.

Me: My tongue will never heal. It will always be sharp.

It took a second, but Sally just bent over and burst out laughing. I didn’t think it was that funny, more of a true statement, but okay.

Sally: Oh, you’re going to make me pee my pants. Your job is to just keep me laughing tonight!

Me: I’ll do my best. Lord knows, I usually have a lot of material to work with!



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