The Ex-Files

Scenes from last night:

I remember when I was going through my divorce, I told my now ex-husband, that he should never set foot back in the restaurant. That even if the people were nice to him, he wouldn’t want to eat the food.

It was a false threat, but at the same time, I truly didn’t think he would ever have any business setting foot back in the restaurant again. It’s my place of employment and I have no need to go to his, and he shouldn’t come to mine. In a way, it’s my safe place.

The other night, one the ex-boyfriend of one of my co-workers, came in. I was in shock. It’s been about three or four years since they broke up, but I can honestly say that I never liked him very much, even when they were dating. I never went out of my way to speak to him, never even said hello. The most I ever did was give him a bit of head nod with a “hey” attached.

Now I know I’m generally a nice person. I also know I don’t own the restaurant, so I “have” to be nice to people I don’t like, but no. Just no. I can’t do it. This guy doesn’t deserve it.

When I first spot him, he’s kind of just lurking around the front of the restaurant, eyes hopping around from place to place to see if Sally was there. He looked nervous, so it wasn’t as if this was a planned return, as if they’re back on good terms. Fortunately she wasn’t. I said to one of my younger co-workers, “what the f*#k is he doing here. He has some big cojones!”

He goes, “oh, hey he’s okay”.

Me: No, he’s not okay. He has a lot of nerve to come in here.

So the little asshat walks up to him and gives him a big handshake/bro-hug thing, and I see the ex visibly relax. Just a little.

He’s sitting at the counter, so I really can’t avoid him, but I do my best for most of the night. Unfortunately, one time I was walking behind the bar to go to the cash register, he was laser locked on me. He had this big dopey, hopeful smile on his face, and I have to say, I gave him the biggest “you’re an asshole, I can’t believe you’re here ‘smile’,” I had in me.

I try to be nice to everyone. I’m friendly, out-going, and do my job well. But if you mess with my friends, don’t expect service with a smile.

And oh, by the way, my ex has never set foot back in the restaurant, so at least there’s that.


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